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Published Articles and Interviews

Inner Octaves and Eastern Music

By Jeffrey Werbock

What is Mugham?

By Jeffrey Werbock

Azerbaijani Culture In Diaspora: A Conversation With Jeffrey Werbock

Baku hosts grandiose “Friends of Azerbaijan`s Mugham” concert

Personalities Interview

by Neil Watson (TEAS)

Azerbaijani Music Casts its Spell in London

By Ian Peart

Eastern And Western Music In Azerbaijan

By Jeffrey Werbock

On Eastern and Western Music in Azerbaijan by Jeffrey Werbock in ADA Biweekly Newsletter

Visions of Azerbaijan Interview

by Neil Watson (TEAS)

The spiritual and aesthetic foundations of Mugham

By Nasib Goyushov

Learning Mugam with Jeffrey Werbock, or learning to swim in an ocean of notes
By Vincent Wilken 

Jeffrey Werbock to introduce short movie on Mugham

My Azerbaijan

By Jeffrey Werbock

The Mystique of Azerbaijani Carpets

By Jeffrey Werbock

Meeting-concert 'Friends of Azerbaijani mugam' held