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Our Mission

The Mugham Society of America (MSA) has one mission, which is to promote awareness of Azerbaijan and its traditional art culture, especially in the English speaking West. 

We currently have three action-plans to fulfill our mission:

1. Use our website to promote Azerbaijani traditional art culture with the help of audio/video prensentations, and articles.

2. Promote Azerbaijan by a program of live mugham performances and lectures about Azerbaijan, mainly at colleges, universities, academies, and cultural and educational institutes.

3. The third action is the production of films - mainly documentary type. One version presents the best of Azerbaijan's culture.  The other version will be about the promotion of mugham in the West.  There will also be room for expansion into other areas of interest and importance.



Our organization is currently looking for volunteers to help us realize these goals by contacting colleges/universities, academies, cultural and educational institutes to obtain invitations to present/perform and organize the events. 

If you feel your organization can benefit from exposure to our programs/performances, please contact

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Jeffrey Werbock is the Chairman of the Board of the Mugham Society of America and has served in this position since the inception of MSA in 2000.  For more information about Mr. Werbock and his activities, please visithis page here...